The Fall by Bethany Griffin

The Fall 
by Bethany Griffin

Madeline Usher is Doomed. The House of Usher lives and breathes around her. For generations, it has sent every Usher spiraling into madness. It claimed her mother and her father. Now it wants Madeline and her twin brother. 
No one can help them. But no one, no other Usher in the generations of their haunted family, has known the house the way Madeline does. 
She may finally be the one who can destroy it all.
Until she wakes up in a coffin.

We picked this one out to read for our October Staff Book Club meeting. It's just creepy enough to enthrall me. Instead of focusing on the gruesome details, and there were a lot of gruesome happenings, it focused more on the story and Madeline's hope and despair of escaping the house. This book made for a fun read and was perfect for October. 
                                                                       - Olivia